1. heart of the sun (10:03)
  2. tang-o-rama (9:40)
  3. 44 (8:39)
  4. golden (7:18)
  5. marie (9:37)


  1. story of the dark blue rock (intro) (2:23)
  2. story of the dark blue rock (9:26)
  3. club der labradore (intro) (2:33)
  4. club der labradore (9:49)
  5. unnamed beauty (intro) (2:24)
  6. unnamed beauty (7:06)
  7. southern evening (9:05)
  8. (das glück der) N8 (10:46)

produced by

Mathias Haus

Executive producer

Philipp van Endert & André Nendza


Mathias Haus (vibr)
Hendrik Soll (p/keyb)
Andre Nendza (b)
Mirek Pyschny (dr)

About the album

Outstanding, multible award winning vibraphonist/composer Mathias Haus presents his latest project H A U S with a double CD!

One year after Gary Burton’s surprising and remakable resignment from the Jazz world, vibes player Mathias Haus, a former student of Burton, presents this CD showcasing 30 years Haus‘ writing with a superb Band.


„Haus‘ album is a conceptual work of art in two halfs. „heart of the sun“ is like a lyrical trance you love to fall into, since you haven’t heard something so beautiful for a long time.
Moon and sun are unbeatable, just like this CD.“ (Wolfram Goertz)

„Often compositions in Jazz are just a „lame excuse“ for improvising. Not so in Mathias Haus‘ writing: the vibist composes multi-layered pieces, whichs complexity exceeds the simple standard-form by far and still offers plenty of space for the brilliant „high-fly“-improvisations of the virtuoso-bandplayers. “ (Barbara Steingiesser)

„The former student of grandmaster Gary Burton is not only a breathtaking Virtuoso, but also a witty composer and a formidable teamplayer.“ (Fürth news, international vibesfestival „vibraphonissimo“)

Release Date: 2018/04/06
Catalogue-No.: 5109JS

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