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A manifesto that becomes so universal precisely because it is so personal

If you listen to the pianist Jarry Singla, the double bassist Christian Ramond and the percussionist Ramesh Shotham, a key musical statement by the composer Karlheinz Stockhausen comes to mind: “Every person carries the whole of humanity within him.“ Music of three passionate narrators which is based on Indian influences as well as on jazz of American and European origin, but above all on personal experiences.

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Freedom of Flight

Stop & Frisk

Hodgepodge Vol. 2




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About JazzSick

During the last 15 years Jazzsick records developed into a consistent and profiled factor on the small, but vibrant jazz-market. With close to a hundred releases the label covers a wide spectrum of different styles of jazz ranging from avantgarde to fusion. The common ground: improvisation.

Jazzsick is musicians-based. Both partners, Philipp van Endert and André Nendza, are longtime household names on the music scene. Due to their own input plus the service of our professional distribution-partners and several heavy working promotion-companies we offer a transparent and reliable base for our unique artists.

And: We want to make it easy for our customers. Therefore, all our products should be available (or can be ordered) at all the stores that provide CDs and vinyl records. Furthermore, you could use our new shop It’s safe, fast and the most direct way to connect with us.