Out now: The new album by André Nendza!

Just in time for the first lockdown, the newly formed André Nendza Quintet went into the studio last March to record a live album. It then became one of the first streaming concerts. Joining the leader were the wonderful musical beings Angelika Niescier, Matthias Bergmann, Martin Sasse and Niklas Walter.

Christian Pabst releases „Balbec“!

Christian Pabst’s music, full of lyricism, elegant ornamentation, craftsmanship, but also with a strong and clear concept, is a work that impacts all of our senses.

Bernd Kaftan goes Solo on Jazzsick!

There are those young and brilliant talents, those musicians who, in spite of their youthful age, have already reached breathtaking levels in their music, and who are rightfully acclaimed and awarded.

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About JazzSick

During the last 15 years Jazzsick records developed into a consistent and profiled factor on the small, but vibrant jazz-market. With close to a hundred releases the label covers a wide spectrum of different styles of jazz ranging from avantgarde to fusion. The common ground: improvisation.

Jazzsick is musicians-based. Both partners, Philipp van Endert and André Nendza, are longtime household names on the music scene. Due to their own input plus the service of our professional distribution-partners and several heavy working promotion-companies we offer a transparent and reliable base for our unique artists.

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