Axel Fischbacher Trio
Photo: Claudia Fischbacher

Following on from the great success of our “Bebop Sketches“ Vinyl Album we decided, to top it off and record a direct-to-disc LP in 2023!

As we are a very confident live band and take pleasure in sharing musical experiences with our audience, we concluded to adapt the new record to the requirement of live music authenticity:

We turn our backs on today´s digital possibilities, recording hundreds of tracks and cutting and editing our music to the benefit of direct-to-disc recording (vinyl). We appreciate the nearness of live experience which is offered by this technique. In direct-to-disc recording the audio is recorded directly on lacquer disc. The lacquer disc is not only the recording media but at the same time the master that is used to make stampers for industrial vinyl pressing.
No repair tricks, no postproduction, no cuts.

Among the few studios mastering this technique we have decided to go for the Rolls Royce of all studios – with my brand-new compositions we will go to legendary Abbey Road Studio in London.

Once more we are financing this adventure with a crowdfunding, details can be found on the STARTNEXT page.

Thanks for your support!
Axel Fischbacher