“Christian Pabst’s music, full of lyricism, elegant ornamentation, craftsmanship, but also with a strong and clear concept, is a work that impacts all of our senses. The powerful, illustrative music, stimulates the imagination. With every sound, the listener envisions the most beautiful and warmest images – a bright and happy place knowing no sadness or fear – our private Balbec.”
Babsikem Uchem (Poland)

“Pure rhythmic groove”
Jazztrail (USA)

“Pabst wrote seven pieces that take the listener at their guts.“
Jazzflits (the Netherlands)

“Seven tracks full of sound aesthetics, lyrical moods and exciting improvisations.  This cinematic soundworld has only little to do with the handed down rules of the piano trio and the parameters of classic jazz.”
Jazzthing (Germany)

“A trio that transports imaginary pictures and paints them in perfection (…) on an album where the breath of the musicians is tangible.”
Schall Musikmagazin (Germany)

“Seven fantastic pieces”
Magazin Köllefornia (Germany)

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