marius peters rearranged


  1. Pie In the Sky (Frank Wingold) 7:30
  2. Mr. A Is Busy Today (Frank Wingold) 6:41
  3. Love Song (Tony Williams) 6:36
  4. Red (André Nendza) 7:46
  5. Krähe (Stefan Jackmuth) 3:39
  6. Harvesting Dance (Aaron Parks) 6:19
  7. Interlude (Silas Jakob) 1:08
  8. Summer In Autumn (Silas Jakob) 8:54
  9. Joshua (Victor Feldman) 5:36

produced by

marius peters rearranged

Executive producer

Philipp van Endert

Recorded at

Loft Köln


Marius Peters – Guitars
Stefan Jackmuth – Bass
Silas Jakob – Drums, Percussion


The album „Collective“ offers refined arrangements, surprising improvisations and remarkable original compositions. This selection of musical works roots in the equivalence of the three instruments of this trio, and their new and unusual approach: One will find bass ostinatos in the guitar, full chords on the electric bass, or the lead melody on the drummer’s glockenspiel.

As the name “Collective” implicates, these nine catchy yet complex tunes yield a very specific selection that stems of 4 years of bandwork and touring. The trust within this band is long-built and can be heard on every single track. Dense harmonics melt with polyrhythms but stay yet lively and highly energetic. The album was recorded at the LOFT-Studio, also one of cologne’s finest concert venues for jazz, and mirrors the pleasure, intensity and intimacy of a live concert. Herein modern improvisations, dreamy ballads and classical influences form no contradiction at all. “Pie In The Sky” and “Harvesting Dance” provide space for improvisation within their sophisticated instrumental technique. The modern jazz interpretation “Krähe” derives from Franz Schubert’s “Winterreise”. „Love Song“ is an invitation to meditation, inspired by India’s sitar players. “Mr. A Is Busy Today“ and „Summer in Autumn“ capture the audience in a lyrical and atmospheric manner, telling to their entirely own tales. Even established tunes like “Joshua” shine in a new light with this virtuoso guitar playing. The perfected interplay and refined knowledge of all musicians result in the forming of a big picture with pithy intuitive songs.

Release Date: 2014/10/24
Catalogue-No.: 5078JS (CD)

Sample Track

marius peters rearranged
Pie in the sky
sich sonnen
Dream catcher