corman / van endert

corman / van endert


  1. Human Nature (Steve Porcaro, John Bettis) 04:48
  2. Walking on the milky way Mc Cluskey / N. Ipinson / K. Small 05:51
  3. Can´t help falling in love Creatore, Peretti, Weiss 03:41
  4. Tutu (Marcus Miller) 04:11
  5. Streets of Philadelphia Bruce Springsteen) 05:15
  6. Take it with me Tom Waits) 04:05

produced by

Tossia Corman and Philipp van Endert

Executive producer

Philipp van Endert & André Nendza


Tossia Corman – vocals
Philipp van Endert – guitars

About the album

Guitar and vocals. A combination full of tradition as well as beauty. Tossia Corman and Philipp van Endert play their favorite songs somewhere between Pop and Jazz… sometimes to recognize, sometimes to rediscover, sometimes to fall spontaneously in love or to simply find beautiful.

In her compositions, Tossia Corman mixes the sound aesthetics of jazz with the lyrics of the classical singer/songwriter movement. Clear structures that leave room for improvisation at all times.

„… When a guitar sound spreads so softly and organically from the ground into the environment as if it had not been played by a human, but grew by itself after a warm summer rain, then chances are big it’s Philipp van Endert… „(Jazzthetik)

Release Date: 2017/11/09
Catalogue-No.: 5115JS

Sample Track

corman / van endert
Walking on the milky way
Apfel und Amsel
Return to the future