Return to the future

Lajos Dudas


  1. Miniaturen 04:53 (Lajos Dudas)
  2. Echo 03:23 (Lajos Dudas)
  3. Change Of Time 04:10 (Lajos Dudas)
  4. Nightfall 03:50 (Lajos Dudas)
  5. Real Bebop 05:15 (Lajos Dudas)
  6. Walk In The City 06:07 (Lajos Dudas)
  7. Ordinary Memory 03:13 (Lajos Dudas/Hubert Bergmann)
  8. Convergence 03:40 (Lajos Dudas/Hubert Bergmann/Elmar Guantes)
  9. All The Things You Are 04:55 (Jerome Kern)
  10. Eleven And A Half Bar Blues 04:15 (Lajos Dudas)

produced by

Lajos Dudas

Executive producer

Philipp van Endert & André Nendza

About the album

Return to the future – the ultimative summary. Some of the most exciting recordings of clarinet legend Lajos Dudas featuring various artists and projects from 1986-2013. This CD is full of Dudas original compositions plus a unique arrangement of „All the things you are“. Almost all tracks are „hidden treasures“ that were never released before. A must have for all jazz clarinet fans.

Release Date: 2017/11/09
Catalogue-No.: 5116JS
corman / van endert