Gubbiotti – Pabst Duo


  1. Empire
  2. Promise to my friend
  3. Kimnara
  4. Lartigue
  5. Sweet Whistle
  6. Hybrid Motivation
  7. Lawns
  8. Una Lunga Conversazione

produced by

Simone Gubbiotti & Christian Pabst

Executive producer

Philipp van Endert & André Nendza


Simone Gubbiotti (IT) – guitar
Christian Pabst (DE) – piano

About the album

The duo of Italian guitarist Simone Gubbiotti and German pianist Christian Pabst is a meeting of two like-minded artists. A shared musical vision expressed through the combination of their respective instruments.

After a spontaneous session in Italy, the two musicians felt immediately an intuitive connection in the way they were playing together. A mutual sense of time and clear understanding where each musician has to give space for the other.

Combining original compositions from both artists, the sound of this duo is a union of a southern sense of melody and a northern concept of musical architecture. The songs create an ethereal flow through the combination of two instruments that are rarely heard together. The listener is experiencing a constant dialogue of rich harmonic layers, rhythmic conflict and resolution and an emotional impact that lingers on long after the concert.

Release Date: 2022/08/26
Catalogue-No.: 5158JS-DIGI
The Curse Of Unspoken Words