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Blind Spot
Techos Inclinados

Blind Spot


  1. Without a Choice (6:28)
  2. Been Thinking of You (3:40)
  3. Frontmirror (6:25)
  4. Techos Inclinados (6:15)
  5. Bubblegum & Not Today (12:59)
  6. Frontmirror Afterthought (2:25)
  7. Rusty (4:15)
  8. Frontmirror Rethought (2:48)
  9. Nachtlicht (6:17)
  10. Waiting for Something (6:08)

produced by

Blind Spot

Executive producer

Philipp van Endert & André Nendza


Philipp Wisser – guitar
Joàn Chavez – bass
Noël Lardon – drums

About the album

Blind Spot creates music out of an attitude that questions everything. „We don’t know anything, but as soon as we pick up our instruments, a small spark ignites. It is vulnerable at first and needs attention, otherwise it will fade away immediately and we will be left in the dark again. But if we pay attention to the spark, it starts to blaze and then we are ready“.

This examination requires dedication, but no taboos and therefore also explains in a broader sense how Blind Spot has created an album with “Frontmirror” that covers an enormous range despite the classic trio setting. Modern and in part randomly controlled effects experiments fit seamlessly into earthy rock and blues sounds.

Musically, Blind Spot revolve around clear, catchy themes on “Frontmirror”. They modulate, modify, stumble, fall and lift eacht other up. This creates a lively interplay of electric guitar, double bass and drums. Due to the variety of sounds, the simple melodies are transformed into complex constructs and get more and more dimensions.

„Frontmirror“ is also the second album after „Just a Glimpse“ (JazzSick Records) by the German guitarist Philipp Wisser as a composer, producer and bandleader.

Release Date: 2022/06/17
Catalogue-No.: 5153JS
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