Ro Gebhardt

Tracklist CD I

  1. Blue Baloo
  2. I’ll care for you
  3. What a thing
  4. My romance
  5. Invierno Porteno
  6. Giant Seven
  7. 40th
  8. Tudo Bem
  9. See you soon
  10. Primavera Porteno

Tracklist CD II

  1. My romance
  2. E.Y.T
  3. And I love her
  4. It’s rainy
  5. Bo Sco
  6. (Don’t try to have) Teatime at timesquare
  7. I remember Well Fleet
  8. Things to come

produced by

Ro Gebhardt

Executive producers

Alex Gunia and Philipp van Endert

Line up

Ro Gebhardt – guitars, composition & arrangement
Davide Petrocca – bass
Jean-Marc Robin – drums

Big Band & Nonett featuring

Erny Hammes, Frank Spaniol, Nicole Johänntgen, Wolf Schenk, Marcus Bartelt, Gernot Kögel, Pierre Alain Goualch, Roland Höppner, Florent Brique, Claude Mirandola, Patrice Lerech, Alexandre Rabin, Geoffroy Maire, Sylvain Dyrda, Damian Prudhomme, Michael Cuvillon


After a 2 year-break the new CD of Ro Gebhardt is now released. This time a 2-disc-cd and it deals pretty much all about Europe. Its named „European Jam“. On Disc1 you can hear the „European Jazz Guitar Trio“ with french drummer Jean-Marc Robin and Italian bassist Davide Petrocca. On disc2 you can hear for the first time Ro surrounded by a Big-Band-sound and amazing arrangements of his own. Many famous European guests are on this top-quality-recording which has been recorded and mixed at SR-studios in Germany. Among others Erny Hammes from Luxemburg (trumpet), Pierre-Alain Goualch from France (Piano), Frank Spaniol from Berlin (Tenorsax), Nicole Johänntgen from Switzerland (Alto) and many , many more.

Release Date: 2009/01
Catalogue-No.: 5025JS (CD)

Sample Track:

Ro Gebhardt
And I Love Her
Open Range