Stefan Heidtmann & Friends


  1. Earth Protector
  2. Golden Cage
  3. Fall Asleep
  4. Homage
  5. Mystery
  6. Blue Days
  7. Return
  8. Spring
  9. Living In Dying

produced by

Stefan Heidtmann & Friends

Executive producer

Philipp van Endert


Sandra Klinkhammer (voc)
Stefan Heidtmann (p)
Oscar Kliewe (tp)
André Nendza (b)
Martell Beigang (dr, voc)


“The music seems to breethe…”
Pianist and composer Stefan Heidtmann realized a new project. »Fields« sounds lyric, melodic, however rooted to the soil, moving at the borderline of jazz and pop. Steve Clorfeine, a N. Y. C. poet and performer contributed the lyrics. Not only jazz lovers will enjoy this airy jazz including catchy melodies, ingenious arrangements, elaborate solos and a wonderful female voice. The album includes ballads like “Golden Cage” and “Blue Days” as well as groovy tracks like “Earth Protector“ and relaxing pop Jazz tunes like “Fall Asleep“ and “Spring“. Stefan Heidtmann composed and arranged all tunes. His band colleagues are congenial supporters of his music.

Release Date: 2015/03/27
Catalogue-No.: 5080JS (CD)

Sample Track

Stefan Heidtmann and Friends
Golden Cage
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