1. # 1
  2. Growin’ Up
  3. # 2
  4. Butterfly
  5. Crystal Silence
  6. # 3
  7. Most Vagy Soha
  8. This is Space
  9. #4
  10. Mister-fear-ious
  11. #5
  12. Kocsi, Szekèr
  13. #6
  14. Csillagok

produced by


Line up

Esther Berlansky (Hungary) – vocals
Tony Roe (Netherlands) – piano
Oliver Rehmann (Germany) – drums
Mihail Ivanov (Bulgary) – bass

Special guest

Miriam Frank – bassclarinet


As granddaughter of the international well known concert-pianist Hedwig Schneider and the violinist Tibor Berkovits her way to music was a very easy one. She grew up in the extremely by music influenced environment of her parents, the guitarist Alice Berlansky and the pianist Ivan Berkovits.

Her first musical influences have their roots in her early childhood when she has sung hungarian folksongs with her mother and where she discovered the peculiarities of hungarian folklore. Especially the work of Bèla Bartòk brouhgt her to arranging music.

Her love to jazz took her to Amsterdam, where she passed her studies of jazz-music with distinction. With the help of her in Amsterdam founded band “Berlansky” she found a way to connect her hungarian roots with jazz-music. Her own, unmistakable style of composing and arranging was formed.

Her music is destined by oriental rhythms and modern jazz-harmonies. Her main aim is to make use of the eclectic sound-colors of her voice. Silkily warm in dreamily ballads or bitingly tantalizing combined with complex rhythms “Berlansky” creates a wide range of emotions which catch the listener as well in concerts as by listening to the album.

“You can not re-invent jazz-music but you can re-discover it with Esther Berlansky.”


Release Date: 2007/06/01
Catalogue-No.: 5016JS (CD)

Sample Track:

Humpty’s amazing boogie pencil