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Kristina Brodersen & Tobias Weindorf

Kristina Brodersen & Tobias Weindorf


  1. One For The Caper (Tobias Weindorf) 7:10
  2. Floating (Tobias Weindorf) 4:40
  3. Luke (Tobias Weindorf) 4:48
  4. Habakuk (Kristina Brodersen) 4:52
  5. The Island (Tobias Weindorf) 5:15
  6. Frida Kahlo (Kristina Brodersen) 5:15
  7. Glauco´s Groove (Tobias Weindorf) 6:51
  8. Ballad (Kristina Brodersen) 4:20
  9. Penanep (Tobias Weindorf) 5:48

produced by

Kristina Brodersen & Tobias Weindorf

Executive producer

Philipp van Endert & André Nendza


Kristitina Brodersen (as)
Tobias Weindorf (p)

About the album

„There is a feeling of closeness between Kristina and Tobias that gives the music another dimension.” (Steve Swallow)

The Brodersen-Weindorf duo represents the genre of European modern jazz in the finest way and enriches it with wonderful compositions specially written for this line-up. Kristina Brodersen on the saxophone and Tobias Weindorf on the piano can look back on decades of making music, composing and improvising together, which gives their chamber music interaction an enormous closeness, virtuosity and a very special „listening to one another“. Their improvisations turn into compositions thanks to their virtuosic accompaniment and their merging with each other’s improvised melodies. New areas of tension are constantly emerging, which both challenge and serve the other at the same time.

Release Date: 2022/10/21
Catalogue-No.: 5159JS
Bebop Sketches: Guitar Solos – Thoughts and Concepts (Book)
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