Immer Spass auf den Backen

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Antje steht total auf Kitsch



  1. Mach Fertig
  2. Das 11. Gebot
  3. Derby
  4. Flöz Sonnenschein
  5. Auf Schicht
  6. Antje steht total auf Kitsch
  7. Ab nach draussen
  8. Beim Taubenvater

produced by

Rupi Schwarzburger

Executive producer

Philipp van Endert & André Nendza


Rupi Schwarzburger – Basses
Reiner Witzel – Sax
Yavuz Duman – Trumpet
Thorsten Heitzmann – Trombone
Sameh Mina – Drums
Selman Sezek – Darbuka
Fares Naber – Keys
Tony Brown – Mixes

About the album

The album also bears the subtitle „I like to recall my time in the Ruhr area“. The songs form a retrospective of life in the Ruhr area in the 1960s – impressions, visions, memories – a life in the rhythm of industry – the destruction of war is still everywhere – hard work – football – quite normal everyday life, unsentimental and still gripping – and always having fun „Immer Spass auf den Backen“.

A fascinating mix of jazz, urban beats, funk, industrial, lounge – psychedelic sounds – mesmerizing beats – catchy melodies – playing with associations – visions – film scenes… The result is a fascinating club sound – with an addictive factor.

Release Date: 2022/10/14
Catalogue-No.: 5162JS
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