Heiner Schmitz


  1. Blaue Datsche (4:29
  2. Adolestanz (4:55
  3. Zeitenwende (6:03
  4. Traumwanderung (5:40
  5. Tatendurst (4:50
  6. Ferien bei Oma (3:42
  7. Sonnabend (4:28)
  8. Noahs Tag (5:25)
  9. Marli macht Launen (5:01)
  10. Pilzernte (6:31)
  11. Für Sabine (8:36)

produced by

Heiner Schmitz

Executive producer

Philipp van Endert & André Nendza


Heiner Schmitz (saxophone)
Martin Schulte (guitar)
Simon Seidl (piano)
Matthias Nowal (bass)
Ralf Gessler (drums)

About the album

The composer and saxophonist Heiner Schmitz, who has won several awards and been nominated for prizes in recent years, dedicates himself – in contrast to his last two records recorded with large ensembles – to a socially sensitive topic in an intimate quintet setting, which he describes in more detail for himself and his listeners in his 11 „Heimatstücke“. „Heimatstücke“ is a soundtrack to the film of life. It is a collection of sound narratives from the very personal, bluntly presented life story of Heiner Schmitz, who has gone deep inside himself, thrown off all blinders, doesn’t give a damn about the expectations of the experts and lets out what has to come out one way or the other. „Heimatstücke“ is the equally seductive and honest cross sum of all lived and imagined lives.

Release Date: 2023/09/29
Catalogue-No.: 5169JS
All my life
Express your life