All my life

Mathias Haus and String Orchestra


  1. Answer the question (Mathias Haus) 5:25
  2. All my Life (Mathias Haus) 22:29
  3. Golden (Mathias Haus) 8:01
  4. Histology (Mathias Haus) 9:23
  5. Road to Hana (Mathias Haus) 6:39
  6. Unnamed Beauty (Mathias Haus) 8:28
  7. A Contre Coeur (Mathias Haus) 7:22

produced by

Mathias Haus

Executive producer

Philipp van Endert & André Nendza


Mathias Haus: vibes
Roman Babik: piano
Hendrik Meurkens: harmonica
Jan Kazda: el. bass

Wuppertaler Kammerphilharmonie
Chris Huber: concert master

About the album

The former Gary Burton Protege now releases his vision of Jazz-orchestral music, after his rare, but always pretty remarkable CD’s on the topics Duet (with Piano or Guitar), ac. modern Quartet, ac. mainstream Quartet, el. Quintet, and Perc. Ens. After a concert with Carla Bley (3/4) and Steve Swallow and than composing music for concerts with the Atom String Quartet, the noumerous Award winning Haus began composing and orchestrating for String Orchestra + vibes. Like in high-carat moviescores this music stages emotions and pictures of calm complexity and inquiring simplicity. Supported by New York harmonica player Henrik Meurkens, the great Roman Babik (Club des Belugas, Henrik Freischlader) as soloists and Echo- and german Jazzprice winning bassist Andre Nendza, „All my Life“ is unfolding something you always want to come back to.

Release Date: 2023/11/24
Catalogue-No.: 5177JS