Karin Mast


  1. A foggy day in London town
  2. Incurably romantic
  3. Black Orpheus
  4. I can’t get started
  5. Never said (Chan’s Song)
  6. Breaking up is hard to do
  7. This masquerade
  8. She acts like a woman should
  9. I’m thru with love
  10. Days of wine and roses
  11. But not for me
  12. Isn’t it a pity

produced by

Karin Mast, Konstantin Wienstroer, Jörg Siebenhaar

Executive producers

Alex Gunia and Philipp van Endert

Line up

Karin Mast – vocals
Johannes Lemke – altosax
Jörg Siebenhaar – piano, accordeon
Konstantin Wienstroer – bass
Kurt Billker – drums


„At the age of 16 I had my first Jazz Band, and – besides all the other important things – I’ve been singing since then. But after having fulfilled my bit with regard to job, family and honorary posts as far as possible – and this by no means without fun – some years ago I decided to concentrate more and more on the pleasure side of life, so music became the centre of my attention. The logical consequence is this cd which I present myself for my 65th birthday.

I have chosen 12 songs out of my repertoire which cause feelings of happiness hearing or singing them. Although it was not intended, but what a coincidence: I selected some songs out of my concert programs “To Marilyn with love” and “Tribute to George Gershwin”. Looking for adequate musicians I also listened to my feelings. There are many good musicians but I think it’s important to be on the same wavelength when you want to work together on a project and have a lot of fun at the same time.

And I was lucky to find some brilliant and well-known musicians of the German jazz scene. With Jörg Siebenhaar I work together since 1997 sporadically, I met his friend Konstantin Wienstroer as well as Kurt Billker in the Jazzattack concerts organized by the Jazzklub Krefeld e. V. where I worked in the management. In a project of our club I got to know and appreciate saxophonist Johannes Lemke. With these guys I hit the jackpot.

They spontaneously liked the songs I had chosen, they accompany the ballads expressively, develop solos with temperament and then it swings so that you’d like to jump up and dance.

So the whole CD meets the different sides of my nature – an ideal birthday gift, and I would be even happier if the listeners enjoyed the songs too.“

Release Date: 2009/03
Catalogue-No.: 5027JS (CD)

Sample Track:

Karin Mast
A foggy day...
The Time We Spend
Open Range