3 [drei]


  1. Here He Comes Alive
  2. Le Perigord
  3. Karaguna
  4. The Polish Snake
  5. Istun Järven Rannalla
  6. Caal
  7. Two Faces Of Juliet
  8. Guiny
  9. Stavelot
  10. The Mud Flats
  11. Cancion Triste
  12. Jojo
  13. Cairo
  14. Bayreuth

produced by

Alex Gunia

Line up

Christian Henze – Piano
Jan Kazda – Bass
Diethard Stein – Schlagzeug


Karaguna is a fantastic journey that takes you straight into the depths of Europe`s musical soul. Using much more than the conventional crossover elements of Jazz, Funk and Rock, it is versatile, shimmering, irritating and at the same time as familiar as the cultural roots that shaped European traditionals over the centuries.

The ensemble is simply called “3”, and the concept is as unique as the outstanding musicians involved.

Each member of the band is aware of the great tradition behind the piano trio. But instead of playing music from the frequently quoted American Songbook, 3 is forging ahead to a new chapter. Traditionals lay side by side with artificial sound colours. Strictly through-composed music gives way to exciting improvisation. The musicians are both soloists and ensemble players at the same time. The dynamics range from soft whispers to deafening fortissimo – the energy of this trio is inescapably captivating…



Release Date: 2003/06/06
Catalogue-No.: 5005JS (CD)

Sample Track:

Philipp van Endert Trio
Side Steppin‘