Moon Ballon

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philipp van endert & Orchestra
Moon Ballon

philipp van endert & orchestra


  1. Mrs. Blueberry (Philipp van Endert) 5:29
  2. Fu (Philipp van Endert) 7:11
  3. Moon Balloon (Philipp van Endert) 4:57
  4. Sundowner (Philipp van Endert) 5:11
  5. aMoR (Philipp van Endert) 9:25
  6. Times like these (Makoto Ozone) 7:24

produced by

Florian van Volxem, Peter Hinderthür, Philipp van Endert

Executive producer

Philipp van Endert & André Nendza


Philipp van Endert – guitar
Filmorchester Babelsberg

Special guests:
André Nendza – bass (Sundowner & aMoR)
Christian Kappe – flugelhorn (Sundowner & Fu)

Conducted by Jörg A. Keller
Arranged by Peter Hinderthür

About the album

„Moon Balloon is probably the largest and most complex music project that I have been able to record in my music career so far. I can hardly describe in words what an overwhelming feeling it was to sit in the midst of this fantastic orchestra of the Babelsberg film orchestra and play my music together with these great musicians. The sound of the arrangements and the orchestra carried me by itself and if you can describe something with „musical bliss“, then I was able to experience it once more on that day of the recording (… even if I hardly slept the night before because of the excitement). My friend Peter Hinderthür wrote all the arrangements for this record and from the first scetches that he sent me in December 2020, I knew that he would arrange my music in such a fascinating, unique and different way than I would have done it that I would from then on leave him with complete freedom concerning the arrange- ments. I‘m so happy that it opened doors for my music that I wouldn‘t have found myself. For this alone and for all the help, energy and time that Peter gave as arranger and producer in the preparation and on the recording day in Potsdam in May 2021, I am forever indebted to him.

Jörg Achim Keller was a great conductor and, with his creative energy and input, let the orchestra and me sail safely through the arrangements, as if on the most beautiful waves. Especially for me as a debutant in such a recording situation with an orchestra, it was enormously helpful, and I was able to completely sink into the music starting from the first bar.

Mixing the takes afterwards with my friend and one of my closest musical confidants, Florian van Volxem, as additional producer, was another highlight of this big production. I have already experienced Florian‘s way of mixing my music a few times, but this project was something special for him too because of its size. What I particularly appreciate about Florian is that the way he brings himself in feels like that of a band member and because he is just as passionate a music fan and musician as I am, he doesn‘t waste any time and energy to get the most out of the to get the recordings and the music out.

The fact that I was able to take my beloved Cartouche Trio with André Nendza/bass and Christian Kappe/ flugelhorn as additional color for a few arrangements into the recordings is another personal highlight that rounds off this production and makes it so valuable to me.“

Release Date: 2022/03/04
Catalogue-No.: 5150JS

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