Unlikely Scenario

Hendrik Mueller Trio - Photo: claudiahansen.com

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Hendrik Müller

Hendrik Müller


  1. August 3:27
  2. Kaleidos 5:51
  3. Just to have it 5:07
  4. Nebel 5:04
  5. Interlude 2:55
  6. Unlikely Scenario 5:09
  7. Málaga 7:14
  8. Erwachen 6:51
  9. Time to go home 5:07
  10. A new day 6:21

produced by

Hendrik Müller

Executive producer

Philipp van Endert & André Nendza


Hendrik Müller – double bass
Christian Pabst – piano
Nick Thessalonikefs – drums

About the album

The Hendrik Müller Trio marks the starting point of a new musical path for the jazz double-bass player and composer Hendrik Müller.

His music is energetic and yet contemplative and full of unexpected turns. It triggers a deep fascination and wonder for how the music will develop. While the focus lays on the interaction between all three musicians, there is plenty of space for the double-bass to play a leading role.

With Christian Pabst on piano and Nick Thessalonikefs on drums, Hendrik has found the perfect combination of musicians and friends to present his musical ideas that have been developing over the last years.

Release Date: 2022/03/11
Catalogue-No.: 5149JS
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