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The Wayner

André Nendza


  1. The Wayner 6.22
  2. Ecila 7.39
  3. The Day Before 6.57
  4. Placontemption 5.26
  5. Moons and Birds 7.16
  6. In a Sense 5.42
  7. The Hoosier Way 6.29
  8. Messages 5.46
  9. The Dreamer 7.01
  10. Into Somewhere 10.28

produced by

André Nendza

Executive producer

Philipp van Endert & André Nendza


André Nendza – bass
Angelika Niescier – alto sax
Matthias Bergmann – flügelhorn
Martin Sasse – piano
Niklas Walter – drums

About the album

In this new ensemble by bassist André Nendza, 5 renowned musicians from the most diverse forms of jazz play come together. In times when the scene is becoming more and more fragmented, this is a time to cultivate what unites us. And simply make music together.

André Nendza’s new compositions are mostly based on forms and changes of well-known standards and thus form a perfect „common ground“ on which all participants can contribute their individual voices. Contrasts and tensions are desired and are resolved by the fun of rhythmic intensity (read: swing).

Release Date: 2021/05/07
Catalogue-No.: 5133JS
From town to town