Open Water



  1. Way of Water (4:57) – Andy Gillmann
  2. Prét-à-porter (4:50) – Thomas Nordhausen
  3. Spring in Mind (6:25) – Chris Fischer
  4. Männer (4:16) – Herbert Grönemeyer
  5. Amelandia (5:23) – Chris Fischer
  6. Seven Summits (5:09) – Andy Gillmann
  7. Missing Link (5:23) – Thomas Nordhausen
  8. Not in Vienna (4:35) – Carsten Stüwe
  9. Eiland (4:37) – Chris Fischer
  10. Only on Fridays (5:55) – Carsten Stüwe
  11. Can’t buy me love (5:40) – John Lennon / Paul McCartney

produced by


Executive producer

Philipp van Endert & André Nendza


Andy Gillmann – drums
Carsten Stüwe – keyboards
Chris Fischer – trumpet & flügelhorn
Thomas Nordhausen – guitar

About the album

The title of the album refers to an image full of grandeur, humanity and creative expanse. The music of this album gives the listener the chance to absorb a listening experience that sometimes takes on cinematic features.

This album breathes and draws its listener:inside into a pleasant, relaxing depth. Playful and lively, gentle and attentive, playful, humorous and virtous. The 11 jazz-affine pieces form a fascinating melange that sharpens all our senses.

All musicians contributed compositions to this album, plus two outside compositions: An elegiac arrangement of „Can’t buy me love“ (Lennon / McCrtney) and listen and be amazed, „Männer“ by Herbert Grönemeyer. Here interpreted with a mischievous wink.

Release Date: 2023/09/09
Catalogue-No.: 5174JS
The Palm Tree Line