Ania Paz


  1. Sparkles 6:19
  2. Espacios 7:21
  3. Causal 5:27
  4. Desde casa 8:04
  5. Naiv 4:11
  6. Mambo 6:35
  7. Tristeza en las montanas 7:17
  8. Sonando 4:15
  9. Simplemente 6:34

produced by

Ania Paz

Executive producer

Philipp van Endert & André Nendza


Ania Paz (piano)
Carmelo Leotta (bass)
Christoph Hillmann (drums)

About the album

Established in Latin America, Ania Paz expands her internationality with the Berlin production Espacios. Her first CD after the restrictions of the pandemic reflects a renewed vitality and spontaneity. Compositions created from the many travel experiences connect for the first time with the Berlin jazz scene, leading to a new and exciting cross-cultural sound. Experimental Afro-Latin rhythms and modern harmonies create an energetic, unexpected and diverse language.

Release Date: 2023/09/08
Catalogue-No.: 5172JS
Open Water
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