Slow Boat

Thomas Nordhausen & Stefan Michalke
Photo: Zoran Cvetkovic



    1. gentle reggae (Thomas Nordhausen) 5:17
    2. waltz for bill (Thomas Nordhausen) 4:16
    3. giselle (Stefan Michalke) 4:28
    4. indian blues (Thomas Nordhausen) 7:18
    5. elfen (Stefan Michalke) 4:36
    6. slow boat to bagan (Stefan Michalke) 6:24
    7. yearning blues (Thomas Nordhausen) 4:26
    8. skagen (Stefan Michalke) 6:27
    9. st.tropez (Thomas Nordhausen) 4:49
    10. la valse de vaals (Stefan Michalke) 6:09

produced by

Thomas Nordhausen & Stefan Michalke

Executive producer

Philipp van Endert & André Nendza


Thomas Nordhausen – guitar
Stefan Michalke – piano

About the album

Even during their studies at the Conservatorium Maastricht, guitarist Thomas Nordhausen and pianist Stefan Michalke always enjoyed cultivating the art of duo playing. In recent years, there have been more frequent concerts with this unusual line-up, so they decided to finally record the long overdue CD. A good idea, because the result is really impressive.

The soft sound of the guitar goes so well with the grand piano that one wonders why there are so few recordings in this line-up. The original compositions complement each other well, even if (or perhaps because) each musician has his own compositional handwriting. The two take their audience into melodious, partly lyrical modern jazz worlds; music that never gets boring and always explores new spheres.

Release Date: 2023/01/27
Catalogue-No.: 5157JS
The World Within