Lajos Dudas

Tracklist CD 1

  1. Detour
  2. Rumpelstilzchen
  3. Benny
  4. Song for Jinni
  5. Blueduet
  6. Wiegenlied
  7. Change of time
  8. Grave
  9. At Carmelo´s
  10. Backstage
  11. Csardas Obstine

Tracklist CD 2

  1. Summertime
  2. Sarabande
  3. Gavotte en Rondo
  4. La Gelee
  5. Pals
  6. Cool Getz
  7. Un poco presto
  8. Miles
  9. Sunday Afternoon
  10. Bourree
  11. Triplets
  12. Children at play
  13. Pirouette
  14. Let´s call the whole thing off

produced by

Lajos Dudas

Executive producer

Philipp van Endert

Line up

Lajos Dudas – clarinet
Karl Berger – vibraphone
Gerd Dudek – sax
Philipp van Endert – guitar
Tom van der Geld – vibraphone
Howard Johnson – bass sax
Albert Mangelsdorf – trombone
Tommy Vig – vibraphone
Attila Zoller – guitar
and many others


With over 50 years of experience on stage LD is still an insider’s tip, an art phantom. Relatively few people have heard him play live as he only plays a few selected concerts each year. Perhaps it is – as Lajos reveals: „I play many different styles of music and really enjoy the surprising effect of going from one style and then taking a 90 degree turn to another in my next production. Therefore the public, the promoters or critics are unable to classify my style and will be uncertain.“

The well-know Jazz historian SGG (Budapest) once said: “ Lajos has more than once proven his capability and flexibility in all styles of music. But, what we are hearing here is far more than this. Here presented is a highly gifted musician who says: listen up, this is what I can offer you, immerse yourselves in the sound of my clarinet. This anthology represents the essence of his work as an artist and composer. His clarinet play is so avant-garde, forever young and timeless, like a ‚young lion‘ , leads the way to future musical visions. This playing will set the standard for many years…“

Release Date: 2011/02/11
Catalogue-No.: 5037JS (CD)
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