Frank Delle Trio


  1. Poolwatch
  2. Green Me
  3. Free Fall Friend
  4. Sieben Viertel Vor Sieben
  5. Cheff Sallad
  6. Fly And Walk
  7. Free Fall Space
  8. Hafenrundfahrt
  9. Duke Ellington’s Sound Of Love
  10. Free Fall
  11. Taurus Blue
  12. Close Your Eyes
  13. Free Fall White
  14. In The Last Five Seconds
  15. Free Fall Resume

produced by

Frank Delle Trio

Executive producer

Philipp van Endert

Line up

Frank Delle – Tenor & soprano sax, bass clarinet
Robert Landfermann – Double bass
Jonas Burgwinkel – Drums


With his new trio Frank Delle went in search of the ideal counterpoint to his orchestral work in the NDR Bigband … and struck lucky! With Robert Landfermann and Jonas Burgwinkel, two young virtuoso players from Cologne, Delle celebrates a moving feast of motifs and ideas. Sometimes bass clarinet and drums can be heard elaborating miniatures, elsewhere the tenor sax lures all three instruments into a complex collective improvisation. New realms of sound and fields of energy burst forth, literally out of nowhere.

The trio oscillates between free improvisation and moments of compelling catchiness, between unbridled instrumental skirmishes and deep riveting grooves, between tradition and innovation. The convergence of musical personalities without ego, absorbing the individual into the group, has always been a particular strength of jazz – as long as it aspires to do more than simply parade soloist skills. The dynamics and personal chemistry of these three musicians achieve a balance in each musical instant. The Frank Delle Trio is total, unmitigated communication. (Stefan Gerdes, NDR)

Release Date: 2011/01/14
Catalogue-No.: 5042JS (CD)

Sample Track:

Frank Delle Trio
Sieben Viertel vor Sieben
50 years with jazzclarinet
In transit