Trio Benares


  1. Jog (D. Mishra) 06:23
  2. Charlie‘s Reverberations (R. Hanschel) 08:24
  3. Assi Ghat (R. Hanschel) 05:17
  4. Extrembiose (R. Hanschel) 10:25
  5. Bhairavi (trad.) 07:06
  6. Greenfire (R. Hanschel) 07:54
  7. Kajari (trad.) 08:53

produced by

Trio Benares

Executive producer

Philipp van Endert


Roger Hanschel – Altosaxophone
Deobrat Mishra – Sitar
Prashant Mishra – Tabla


“Exciting, virtuosic, sensual, beautiful!“

There has been a force of gravity between Indian classical music and jazz for many decades — the push and pull of improvisation, the exciting rhythmic language. Founded in 2014, the Trio Benares continues on this path of tradition.

As part of a seventh generation musical family, sitar player Deobrat Mishra has reached a prominent place amongst his peers. In collaboration with his nephew Prashant Mishra, a rising star among Indian tabla players, he forms a perfect unit. Roger Hanschel, surely one of the most extravagant, multifaceted saxophone players and composers of contem¬porary jazz, communes with the sensual and brilliant sound of Deobrat Mishra‘s sitar. Inturn, Hanschel‘s rhythmic finesse finds its equivalent in the virtuosic table playing Prashant Mishra. While steeped in tradition, Trio Benares brings a freshness to both musical styles.

Release Date: 2016/05/20
Catalogue-No.: 5092JS

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