Tibor Eichinger & Stefan Varga


  1. Új élet himnusza (Eichinger) 5:24
  2. Delay-es legényes (Eichinger/Varga) 1:46
  3. Clear Night (Varga) 3:43
  4. Özönvíz (Madai/Megyaszay) 0:32
  5. Kimle (Varga) 5:44
  6. Stainless Metal Rat (Eichinger/Varga) 1:05
  7. Penguin song (Varga) 4:34
  8. Esö után (Eichinger/Varga) 0:24
  9. Guadeloupe island (Eichinger) 5:01
  10. Mellow mood (Varga) 3:49
  11. Idözár (Tibor Eichinger / Stefan Varga) 0:58
  12. Nyárutó (Eichinger) 4:46
  13. Sava river blues (Tibor Eichinger) 5:49
  14. Song of the Day (Varga) 3:41
  15. Trio (Eichinger/Madai/Varga) 0:47
  16. Regenlied (Varga) 6:24
  17. Budapest bei Nacht (Eichinger/Varga) 1:21

produced by

Tibor Eichinger & Stefan Varga

Executive producer

Philipp van Endert


Tibor Eichinger – E-Gitarre
Stefan Varga – E- & A-Gitarre
István Megyaszay – E-Bass
Zsolt Madai – Drums


The Music
The house of jazz has many rooms. Since 2005, Tibor Eichinger and Stefan Varga have made themselves at home in one of them: developing a surprising and inspirational fusion of Western and Eastern sounds, beats and grooves. With their current production „BROTHERS IN ART“ they have opted for an approach that is firmly rooted in jazz, with the compositions of the two guitarists nevertheless simultaneously entering other musical areas.

On their journey, the defining musical compass has received influences from jazz, rock, classical and ethnic elements. Driving grooves, sophisticated improvisations, and at times, hearty rock riffs, all with flashes of the Balkans – crossing like a thread, the boundaries of pingeon-holed genres – is typical of the Eichinger/Varga-sound. Concerts all over Europe have proven how successful this alternative concept to conventional jazz categorisation has become.

The Stations
The German-Hungarian guitar duo, „West and East, comprising Tibor Eichinger and Stefan Varga, is the core and the origin of the quartet. Their first eponymous CD has caught the attention of the international jazz scene. The repertoire, consisting solely of original compositions, uses elements of jazz, avant-garde and traditional Balkan folk music. In 2010, the duo expanded to the quartet ZoZo. The newly formed band follows this original musical concept.

The duo, „West and East“, and also the quartet, ZoZo“, have had numerous appearances at international festivals. They have participated in many TV and radio productions, receiving enthusiastic reviews. In 2009, they appeared in „Balkan ska“, an acclaimed live recording of the Budapest Jazz Festival. In 2011, they released their first album as a quartet, „Squared“.

Release Date: 2016/04/22
Catalogue-No.: 5090JS

Sample Track

Tibor Eichinger & Stefan Varga
Uj élet himnusza
Assi Ghat
Jazz Ensemble Düsseldorf