Philipp van Endert


  1. Cartouche
  2. K & The Waves
  3. Salvia E Rosmarino
  4. With A Pirate Smile
  5. Wait A Second
  6. Fantasy Return Date
  7. Road To Peka
  8. Peace

produced by

Philipp van Endert

Executive producer

Philipp van Endert & André Nendza


Christian Kappe – Flugelhorn/Trompete
André Nendza – Bass
Philipp van Endert – Gitarre

About the album

Philipp van Enderts first release as a leader after 5 years! Unique and timeless Jazz compositions for an extraordinary cast in a very intimate, chamber music sound. Voted „album of the month“ in Gitarre & Bass, Coolibri and Musenblätter

A guitar sound that spreads so softly and organically from the ground into the environment, as if it were not played by a human, but grown after a warm summer rain“ quoted the press recently about Philipp van Endert. „Cartouche“ underscores his sensitive feel for suspense and it sounds like a bird flight over the resources of jazz heritage heading forward to new grounds. His first release as a leader after 5 years features an exceptional cast in a very intimate, chamber music sound: Flugelhorn/Trumpet player Christian Kappe and bassist André Nendza form this sensitive ensemble to a unity and a unique musical experience with full sound without drums.

Release Date: 2019/04/26
Catalogue-No.: 5119JS

Sample Track

Philipp van Endert
Salvia e Rosmarino
Die Sonne
Live in Lübeck