Elisabeth Lohninger


  1. When We Were Young
  2. The Girl from Ipanema
  3. Take My Picture While I’m Smiling
  4. Eleven Promises
  5. Birthday Girl
  6. And If
  7. Mellow Moon Moaning
  8. Each Time You Leave
  9. Hold On
  10. Merry Go Round
  11. Circles
  12. Ya Mi Corazon

produced by

Elisabeth Lohninger

Executive producer

Philipp van Endert


Elisabeth Lohninger, voice
Walter Fischbacher, piano
Goran Vujic, bass
Ulf Stricker, drums


„..a musician, an artist, a poet who sings“ and „a haunting alto of suggestiveness and controlled force“ are some of the press reactions to Elisabeth Lohninger’s vocal prowess. Her album Elisabeth Lohninger: LIVE was named one of the BEST RECORDINGS of 2013 by renowned music critic C. Michael Bailey (All about Jazz), while her earlier albums, such as Songs of Love and Destruction“ (2012) garnered rave reviews by listeners and critics alike.

Now she has joined forces with tour-de-force piano trio Phishbacher to create a set of songs that pull the listener into a gravitational field of emotional depth and high wire musicality. Lohninger’s life experience shines through every word while Phishbacher tone down their ‚piano trio madness‘ to a simmering, insistent flame that, while a welcome and comforting presence, does not let the listener off easy. Lohninger’s new tracks „Hold On“, an ode to persistence in the face of sheer insurmountable obstacles, and „Eleven Promises“, dedicated to people sticking it out in long term relationships to discover a deeper, richer beauty in their lives, get the Phishbacher treatment of solid groove and cool; Coldplay’s ‚Clocks‘, a cut from Phishbacher’s latest album, is a moody confection of loss and acceptance; and ‚Dreamcatcher‘, a Phishbacher composition with lyrics by Lohninger, urges the listener to stick with their passion, to trust that their heart will show them the way, describing a musical arc that is as cathartic as it is satisfying.

Elisabeth Lohninger Band is a thrilling pairing of musical and lyrical excellence, a powerhouse formation that paints a gratifying and deeply moving portrait of the human experience.

Release Date: 2016/09/23
Catalogue-No.: 5097JS
Photo by Roza Gazarian

Sample Track

Elisabeth Lohninger
Eleven Promisses
Down The Street