Axel Fischbacher Quintet plays Charlie Parker


  1. Au privave
  2. Now’s the Time
  3. Segment
  4. Donna Lee
  5. Laura
  6. Moose the Mooche
  7. Ornithology
  8. My Little Suede Shoes
  9. Lover Man

produced by

Axel Fischbacher Quintet

Executive producer

Philipp van Endert


Axel Fischbacher – Guitar
Denis Gäbel – Saxophone
Matthias Bergmann – Trumpet / Flügelhorn
Nico Brandenburg – Bass
Tim Dudek – Drums


“Five Birds”, the latest album of guitar player/composer Axel Fischbacher and his new quintet focuses on one of the real giants of jazz: Charlie „Bird“ Parker.

„Charlie Parker’s music is never sombre, heavy or dramatic. It draws its drama exclusively from the blues, but is always full of lightness and lots of humor! “

The album has been recorded with the state of the art technical methods and means of Charlie Parker´s time: recorded live in the studio, directly to the sound carrier, without any overdubs or cuts. This was done to approach the music of the “inventor of Bebop” in the most authentic way.

The „timeless“ music of Charlie Parker is recognizable in Axel Fischbacher’s Quintet as jazz of the year 2016. It does without the burden of fashionable arranging tricks and “groove jazz loops”.

The tonal and rhythmic agility of both, arrangements and solos, make the band sound „strictly contemporary“. And it does what it is supposed to do: it swings, is groovy, it makes you tap your toe and is at all times witty and light.

Release Date: 2016/10/21
Catalogue-No.: 5098JS

Sample Track

Axel Fischbacher Quintet
Donna Lee
Some great songs, vol.2