Esther Berlansky


  1. Vártalak Rózsám
  2. Intermezzo #1
  3. Bús a kis gerlice madár
  4. Intermezzo #2
  5. Dum ba ba di ba du wee
  6. You don’t know what love is
  7. Intermezzo #3
  8. Feleségem olyan tiszta
  9. Intermezzo #4
  10. It’s just the other way around
  11. Intermezzo #5
  12. Minél gyorsabban
  13. Intermezzo #6
  14. Víz alá víz alá

produced by

Esther Berlansky for JazzSick Records

Executive producer

Philipp van Endert

Line up

Esther Berlansky – vocals
Mathias Haus – vibes
André Nendza – bass
Oliver Rehmann – drums

Pascal Théry/violin I
Ildikó Antalffy/violin II
Ralf Buchkremer/viola
Michael Flock-Reisinger/violoncello


After the release of her highly praised debut „growin‘ up“, Esther Berlansky took her time preparing her next piece of work, focusing on traditional material that reflects her Hungarian roots and improving her compositions and arrangements. The result is an album full of refreshing ideas, imaginative interpretations and virtuous instrumentalists. Together with the vibraphonist Mathias Haus, bass player André Nendza, and Oliver Rehmann on drums, she presents contemporary Jazz full of deepness, virtuosity and beauty. Dense harmonics and polyrhythm melt together – the adapted Hungarian folk tunes, originals, and the Jazz standard „You Don’t Know What Love Is“, are all full of energy, but they never sound overloaded.

A vibraphone replaced the piano, the sound of the band was extended by a string quartet. „It has been my dream for a long time to record an album with a string quartet. Strings are so infinitely rich in sounds – such as human voice, which I also love for its variety of colours“, so Esther Berlansky says. The vibraphone, as another new colour in her quartet, fuses with the human voice in a lushly way.

All in all, her aim was to merge the individual sounds of the band to provide a new experience where each instrument is not longer perceived individually but as a shade of one overall sound.

„in between“ is a sensitive journey through an exceptional singer’s world.

Release Date: 2012/01/27
Catalogue-No.: 5047JS (CD)

Sample Track:

Esther Berlansky
Felesegem olyan tiszta
Almost human
Christmas in July