Lajos Dudas Qartet


  1. Riffs
  2. Miles
  3. Here’s that rainy day
  4. Hommage to O.P.
  5. America
  6. Cab car
  7. I’ve got the world on a string
  8. Soft Waves
  9. Take 5
  10. Just friends

produced by

Lajos Dudas

Executive producer

Philipp van Endert

Line up

Lajos Dudas – clarinet
Philipp van Endert – guitar
Martin Gjakonowski – bass
Kurt Billker – drums


Dudas is certanly one of a handful of great contemporary jazzclarinetist and this CD is the perfect documentation of his repertoire. Standards and his own compositions in addition there are some popular songs. But never make Dudas and his musician populist compromises – their jazz is unadulterated and exciting.

“This is the third quartet disc that I’ve reviewed from Mr. Dudas, so this seems to be a preferred format of his. He wrote four of the ten songs here with the rest mostly standards. This is most spirited quartet, swinging hard through great grooves with strong solos for the clarinet or the guitar. The pieces have a great greasy vibe and slamming beat. Mr. Dudas seems to have absorbed the sound and styles of many of the great clarinetists of the past. He can swing and soar and each solo is a gem. Although Mr. Dudas plays some exquisite clarinet, it is his version of Take 5 that really stands out.”
(Bruce Lee Gallanter, Music Gallery / New York)

Release Date: 2012/07/01
Catalogue-No.: 5059JS (CD)