Jan Schröder Quartett


  1. The Significant Other
  2. Witch Hunt
  3. Poem For Lulu
  4. Health Booster
  5. Automatic Direct Drive
  6. Be Seeing You
  7. Minor Incident
  8. Friendly Traveller
  9. Big City Lights

produced by

Jan Schröder

Executive producer

Philipp van Endert

Line up

Jan Schröder – Guitar
Paul Maassen – Piano / Hammond / Rhodes
Bas Kisjes – Double Bass
Philippe Lemm – Drums


A quartet made up of young musicians, that is actually rather a band, than a loose jazz project. For more than 2 years they’ve been playing with the same line up and developed their specific bandsound in the course of that time. The piano is now often replaced by the Hammond organ or the Fender Rhodes and the clean warm jazzguitar sound is often treated with effects. They’ve achieved to free the old Hammond of its dust and incorporate it in their modern and often modal jazz sound. It mixes easily with the spherical guitar sounds and by doing so also solves the old problem of having two chord instruments in one band. This all gives them a wider range of sonic possibilities to draw from, to individually colour the varying pieces. All pieces, besides an arrangement of the Wayne Shorter classic “Witch hunt” are compositions by the bandleader. They fall under the category of modern melodic jazz. Melody is always a central element in his compositions that often also have a certain pop-affinity, but never lack the space for improvisation.

The quartet won prices at the Holland Casino Jazz Award and the Motives in Jazz award in 2008. Furthermore they were invited to play the Jazz-a-Palooza Festival in Utrecht and the Play-Festival in Hasselt (Belgium). All members of the quartet belong to the new generation of dutch jazz musicians that are slowly making a name for themselves, either in their own projects or as sideman.

Release Date: 2009/05/29
Catalogue-No.: 5028JS (CD)

Sample Track:

Jan Schroeder Quartett
One Line Drawing
Lounge Nordique
The Time We Spend