Matthias Goebel


  1. 5 Bucks, Coffee, You & Me
  2. Sunday Breakfast At Cantona’s
  3. Birds Cooldown
  4. At The End Of The Day It’s All About Her
  5. Summer Breezin‘
  6. Expecting Whales
  7. Choral 21
  8. Places We Need Brahlshagen

produced by

Matthias Goebel

Executive producer

Philipp van Endert

Line up

Matthias Goebel – vibraphone, marimba
Philipp van Endert – guitars
André Nendza – double-bass
Yonga Sun – drums


Michal Cohen – voc
Peter Ehwald – sax


‚The extraordinary sensual album of an Artist‘- is how Franz X.A. Zipperer from the Jazzthetik Magazin described the vibraphone and marimba-phone player, Mathias Goebels new album. And, one could say that the charismatic musician and composer has finished off from where he left off with ‚Places We Need … Brahlshagen‘. This new masterpiece, accompanied by the finest instrumentation, contains emotional snapshots of the artist, transferred in sophisticated melodies, colorful layering of sound and arousing melodies. Lyrical tunes, that sound simple however are deceivingly hard to play. The perfect balance between melodic beauty and technical virtuosity.

Naturally someone will ask: Who or what is Brahlshagen and does one really need it?‘ Brahlshagen is a small aria in Northern Germany, lying close to Schwerin it overlooks a lake where some friends of mine live and is where i can completely switch off, reflect and relax‘ says Matthias Goebel and adds: ‚I wish it that everyone has their own Brahlshagen‘.

A Detached and open feeling, especially to be heard in the title track, runs through the whole Album like a lifeline. The eight compositions or ‚text less songs‘, as one could call them, take us to different worlds and reveal to the listener feelings, that are often suppressed within everyday life.

The whole Album consists of personal experiences: ‚5 Bucks, Coffee, You & Me‘ deals simply with the things that are sufficient for a friendship, ‚Expecting Whales‘ is inspired from a holiday in New Zealand, more in particular the wait and sighting of a whale, From life ‚Sunday Breakfast At Cantonas‘ and it’s flee full moments ‚Summer Breezin’, ‚Bird’s Cooldown‘ and of course about love ‚At the End it’s all about her‘.

The Pieces are performed by a band consisting of some of the best musicians the German Jazz scene has to offer. Philipp van Endert shows his brilliance on the guitar with both variation and expression and a wide pallet of sounds. André Nendza, playing the double-bass and Yonga Sun, on drums combine to form the perfect rhythm group, that with soloistic impute and amazing sensitivity, give these compositions a real trademark sound. Both the guest musicians, Peter Ehwald on saxophon and singer Michal Cohen, add completely new colors to the works.

„What makes the music on this CD especially appealing to me are two qualities possessed by the band leader and composer, Matthias Goebel; a strong sense of melody and the ability to create atmosphere. These elements draw me in to his world, invite me to stay awhile, relax and listen.“
David Friedman

Release Date: 2013/03/22
Catalogue-No.: 5057JS (CD)

Sample Track

Matthias Goebel
Birds Cooldown
Up the hills
Live at Porgy & Bess