Tossia Corman


  1. Open your eyes you can fly
  2. Longing
  3. Live without lives
  4. Like an angel passing through my room
  5. Dig
  6. Crazy he calls me
  7. Lullaby
  8. Up the hills
  9. Real thing
  10. Bird alone

produced by

Tossia Corman

Executive producer

Philipp van Endert

Line up

Tossia Corman – Vocals
Keno Harriehausen – Piano / Sounds
Felix Barth – Bass
Robert Nitschke – Drums
Philipp Reinsch – Trumpet / Tuba
Karlis Auzins – Saxophone / Flute


Thinking about Amsterdam, the first thing that comes to your mind are the town canals, coffee shops and small Cafés. The city on the banks of the Amstel River is also one the most important Jazz metropolis in Europe and is known for its numerous clubs and bars, in which live music is played daily. Jazz plays an important role in this.

Jazz also plays an important role in the life of Tossia Corman. The Singer moved from Düsseldorf to Amsterdam, where she met the musicians with whom she has been making music, for just about a year now. The fact, that the band decided to join a record studio and to record the Debut album “Up The Hills”, clearly proves the good chemistry and vibes between the individual musicians. Ten songs, which will gain a lot of attention in the European Jazzscene

Tossia Corman blends and mixes the tone aesthetics of jazz with the text- intensity of the classical Singer-/ Songwriter-movement. Clear structures, that also leave space for improvisation.

The two wind instruments (saxophone and trumpet) proved to be equal counterparts at any time to the stirring vocals of the young Düsseldorfer.

Hereby this process unites the individual arrangements of beautiful songs, skillfully joining Pop and sophistication, for them to directly arrive there, where they belong: In the ear. Under the skin. And in the middle of the heart.

“Up The Hills” will be released on the 22.03.2013 and is the first album of this extraordinary band. The ten songs show the wide range of influences by the musicians. Influences such as Hip Hop, Folk- and Rock- elements gleam through. It is an unusual mixture, which is reinforced by intzerpretations of songs by such diverse artists, as the Jazz- pianist Chick Corea or also the American Band Incubus.

The individual songs lyrically act on situations of the everyday life. Love, self- doubt or also the hope to grow with your own tasks. The problems of finding yourself and your role in this ever so fast increasing society, are reflected in the lyrics of “Up The Hills”

“By myself I’m trying to reach all the things you want from me” Tossia Corman sings in the title song of the album and it is to be understood, that one should possibly distance themselves from such things and therefore be able to focus again on the essence.

It is admirable how the honesty of the love-relationship is handled in “The Real Thing”. “She doesn’t know a lot about moving, so she stands still”. On the search for the big, true love, we simply forget, that we must move and take action in order to recognize, that perhaps one has already found it.

Thus, “Up The Hills” is especially focusing on hope.

It is essential because if you absolutely want to create or manage something, there is only one way: take the initiative of your own life and just try it out! Just like Tossia Corman did with her band. The outcome clearly states, that it can be worth it.

Release Date: 2013/03/22
Catalogue-No.: 5063JS (CD)

Sample Track

Tossia Corman
Open your eyes
places we need… brahlshagen