Lajos Dudas


  1. Pacific Coast Highway
  2. Surfriding
  3. Reni´s Ballad
  4. Cab Car
  5. Kukeri Dance
  6. Urban Blues
  7. West Coast
  8. Zugabe
  9. For Gabor (Remember Gabor Szabo)
  10. Cool Getz
  11. Bach´s Gedenken
  12. Minimal Musical
  13. Meet

All compositions by Lajos Dudas except Meet by Attila Zoller

produced by

Lajos Dudas

Executive producer

Philipp van Endert


Lajos Dudas – clarinet
& various Artists


He has played everything – all the way from Swing through Bebop and Fusion to Free-Jazz and so-called E-Music. Curiosity about the new, the untested, runs like a golden thread through the by-now 55-year career of Lajos Dudas. As frontiersman crossing the borders of style he never ever sounds like an imitator – on the contrary: with an instinctive sureness of touch he combines his musical statement with the given material, and the result is pure excitement. Excitement that leads to only one conclusion: Lajos Dudas graces every stage he sets, foot on.

LAJOS DUDAS – the grand master of jazzclarinet – will be 75 years young.

Release Date: 2016/01/29
Catalogue-No.: 5089JS

Sample Track

Lajos Dudas
Minimal Music
The Good View