1. SUNRISE OVER THE FJELL 6:37 (Carsten Stüwe)
  2. FERRY TO PATHMOS 4:50 (Chris Fische)
  3. IT´S OVER 5:01 (Bert Fastenrath)
  4. HIGH NOON 6:20 (Andy Gillmann)
  5. BITTER SWEET MOMENTS 5:40 (Andy Gillmann)
  6. DON´T WAIT FOR ME 4:36 (Carsten Stüwe)
  7. HAPPY HOUR 5´18 (Bert Fastenrath)
  8. REFLEXIONEN 6:00 (Andy Gilmann)
  9. STRANGE CHANGE 6:50 (Bert Fastenrath)
  10. DON´T KNOW WHY 3:27 (Jesse Harris)

produced by


Executive producer

Philipp van Endert & André Nendza


Chris Fischer – Trompete, Flügelhorn
Bert Fastenrath – ak. + el. Gitarre
Carsten Strüwe – Keyboards, Orgel, Klavier
Andy Gillmann – Schlagzeug & Percussion

About the album

With their second CD as well FORSONICS succeeds in igniting something very human, personal with their sound, their notes and improvisations without becoming obtrusive.

Their music arouses images in full grandeur, closeness and profundity. Contemplative moments come upon explosive arrangements and chamber music like ingenuity. „Timeless“ is an album with 10 compositions having their origins in associations at different times of day and night.

Release Date: 2017/11/02
Catalogue-No.: 5117JS
Return to the future
Fruit of Passion