Lajos Dudas / Hubert Bergmann


  1. eastern journey
  2. rootendo
  3. in memoriam györgy szabados
  4. in a good neighborhood
  5. early morning at lake side
  6. european study with one half hat
  7. forgotten blues is like…
  8. bop bee
  9. the inner space of silent
  10. chromatic bubble

All compositions by the musicians

Executive producer

Philipp van Endert

Line up

Lajos Dudas – clarinet
Hubert Bergmann – piano


A workshop for improvised and new music – I read – right here in our charming, dreamy resort town on Lake Constance, in my neighborhood? And I know nothing about it? I needed to take a closer look at this…

A few days later Hubert Bergmann, pianist and initiator of the workshop, who suggested the idea of maybe playing together, cordially receives me. My period of “free – improvisation”, lay in the 1980´s, with the CL4 Clarinet Quartet or the Turk-Bulgarian vocalist Yildiz Ibrahimova. Hubert had recently produced with the guitarist, Mary Halvorson, a free – improvised session. Our musical directions, developmentally, were in opposition, the jazz clarinetist and the pianist, basically in the field of contemporary music. Would this work?

We improvised spontaneous and extensively without particular attention to tempo, theme or scale, having only occasionally paused to discuss an interval, a scale fragment or the character of an atmosphere. The results were surprising to us; we knew immediately that the recording should be made public.

Release Date: 2011/11/25
Catalogue-No.: 9002JSAV (CD)

Sample Track:

Dudas Bermann
Early Morning at Lake Side
Christmas in July
Accordion Lounge