Jörg Siebenhaar, Konstantin Wienstroer, Peter Baumgärtner


  1. extra seat
  2. akkordeon lounge
  3. elle
  4. worldbeat
  5. crusade
  6. yerebatan serail

All compositions by the musicians

produced by

Jörg Siebenhaar / Peter Baumgärtner / Konstantin Wienstroer for JazzSick Records

Executive producer

Philipp van Endert

Line up

Jörg Siebenhaar – accordion, keyboards, soprano saxophone, percussion
Peter Baumgärtner – drums
Konstantin Wienstroer – bass
Jürgen Dahmen – congas on track 3 & 5
Markus Wienstroer – guitar on track 4


The music was created spontaneous as a trio, after uncountable gigs in different musical settings where the musicians got to know each other in many ways.

In their improvised compositions Jörg Siebenhaar, Peter Baumgärtner and Konstantin Wienstroer are presenting wide open spaces and different moods, all having the accordion as a leading voice and creator of different rooms.

Since this kind of lounge-orientated music is usually programmed with the all-musicians-replacing computer and its prefabricated sound Elements, the listener can here discover the intensity of real instruments played by real people.

Siebenhaar, Baumgärtner and Wienstroer are not trying to impress the listener with complicated structures or fast virtuos lines. The compositions slowly develop musical landscapes of communication of the players.

Special appearances are: Jürgen Dahmen on congas (track 3&5) and Markus Wienstroer on Guitar (track 4), two well known musicians on the scene. Jörg Siebenhaar´s soprano feature on track 6 also deserves a special notice.

Release Date: 2011/11
Catalogue-No.: 6002JSL (CD)

Sample Track:

Siebenhaar Wienstroer Baumgaertner
What’s up neighbor?