Hope and Gratitude

Raab – van Endert – Tortiller


  1. In Vino (Franck Tortiller)
  2. Sea of lost Time (Lorenz Raab)
  3. Mrs. Blueberry (Philipp van Endert)
  4. La Delaïssàdo (Franck Tortiller)
  5. Little Wing (Jimi Hendrix)
  6. K & the Waves (Philipp van Endert)
  7. Your Way (Martin Gasselsberger)
  8. Person of Integrity (Lorenz Raab)
  9. In Heavens Spaces (Martin Gasselsberger)

produced by

Raab – van Endert – Tortiller

Executive producer

Philipp van Endert & André Nendza


Lorenz Raab – trumpet, flügelhorn
Philipp van Endert – guitar
Franck Tortiller – vibraphone

About the album

„Hope & Gratitude“ is the fascinating and touching debut album of a top international trio with Lorenz Raab (trumpet/flugelhorn), Philipp van Endert (guitar) and Franck Tortiller (vibraphone). The musicians of this new, Austrian-French-German project came together on the initiative of Viennese trumpeter and flugelhorn player Lorenz Raab in 2020 at the Saalfelden Jazz Festival. The improvisational music that Raab, Tortiller and van Endert first tried out as a trio three years ago then retained its unique, melodic character in the studio. At the same time, it often possesses a harmonic complexity that is characteristic of the musical avant-garde, and has that quiet rhythmic impulse that makes this trio’s jazz become expressively emotional chamber music in the first place.

Release Date: 2023/06/02
Catalogue-No.: 5164JS
Kinder Schweigen
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