Brigitte Angerhausen


  1. Common Ground
  2. Nichts bleibt wie es ist
  3. Nothing as it seems
  4. Winterstimmung
  5. Tamed
  6. Dialogue
  7. Fluyendo
  8. Doch kein Blues
  9. Dahin
  10. Danza
  11. Schlaflied 2.0
  12. Peace of heart

produced by

Brigitte Angerhausen

Executive producer

Philipp van Endert

Composition and arrangements

Brigitte Angerhausen

Line up

Brigitte Angerhausen – piano
Frank Sackenheim – soprano & tenor saxophone
Volker Heinze – bass
Jens Düppe – drums

special guest

Markus Tiedemann – guitar


German pianist Brigitte Angerhausen presents her second very personal album Inside Out. We will discover eleven exceptional compositions of hers unable to allocate them in only one specific musical genre. Angerhausen works a lot with rhythm patterns borrowed from the Latin-American music domain, integrates them into a strong melodic context and form somewhat reminding us on her classical background. She then bases all this on the harmonic structures of jazz music. Thus we experience completely different sound characteristics and atmospheres, sometimes even within one and the same piece of music, reminding us on a Suite. The music takes its multi-thematic course, partially leading us through completely free improvisation, improvisation over a static key as well as more traditionally in jazz, improvisation over multiple keys. Her music seems to float, to take the listener on an adventurous ride to unkown places. The complex acoustic as well as musical spectrum to be found on Inside Out ranges from Angerhausen delicate and touching piano solo playing in e.g. Piece of Heart via inspiring dialogues between piano, guitar, and bass such as in Winterstimmung or Dahin culminating into the strong exciting interplay of the whole band in opuses like Tamed or Fluyendo.

When composing Angerhausen consistently applies two complementary approaches: melody and acoustic colour. „…developing a composition starting from a melody, I somewhat end up telling stories.” (Nothing as it seems, or Danza), Angerhausen explains, “However, if I discover a certain atmosphere, timbre, or mood rather an effigy of a state of mind seems to emerge.” (Nichts bleibt wie es ist,) – impossible to be described any other way than with her music. Every band member, each of them great specialists for tone colours themselves, seem to understand perfectly how shape every single mood variation: inspired bass player Volker Heinze and guitarist Markus Tiedemann constantly reinventing himself and his guitar sound, conduct the closest dialogue with Angerhausens ́ piano voice, Frank Sackenheim innervates the compositions with the brilliant impulsive energy of his sax soli, Jens Düppe ́s soulful and precise drum playing always representing a rock solid foundation and drive. In the end time and time again and above all it is always Angerhausen herself, creating the distinctive and exceptional sound established on Inside Out coloured with her delicate and expressive piano playing. Her enormous technical tone control, the warm and soft attack can be surely indentified as a result of years of classical lessons from childhood on.

Inside Out is the opus of pianist Brigitte Angerhausen, working in her other profession as a renowned and experienced sound engineer and Tonmeister responsible for numerous prominent audio productions for many different artists at home in all kind of musical genre. Ranging from Punkrock to Pop, Jazz up to classical sinfonic orchestra production Angerhausen has been forming an active part of the European music business over many years. In this profession serving as her permanent source of inspiration originates we find the reason for her wide-ranging musical orientation. Masterly she avails herself time and time again of all these different musical influences, seems to put them back together to a completely distinctive overall Angerhausen- Sound. Thus we are not surprised Angerhausen made sure Inside Out meets exceptionally high technical production standards, and may belong to one of the finest sounding records to be released this year. We are pleased to understand an additional special edition will be release on vinyl aside from the CD release and the digital formats for download.

Release Date: 2013/10/31
Catalogue-No.: 5068JS (CD)

Sample Track

Brigitte Angerhausen
Nothing as is seems
In Concert
Le chien du jazz