Ro Gebhradt & Burdette Becks

produced by

Ro Gebhardt


Burdette Becks / USA – vocals, flutes
Ro Gebhardt / Germany – guitars, loopstation


A top-musician from US, hard to say, what he is better in: singing, playing the flute or entertaining. A german guitarist, composer, arranger, who belongs to the european „creme de la creme“ and who even performs once in a while at one of the world most famous jazzclubs, the „Blue Note NY“…….. With a fascinating program „ The Beatles meet Becks meet Jobim meet Gebhardt “………..crossover from Latin, Pop, Jazz, Tango………highly virtuos full of emotions!

This outstanding Project is the result of a friendship, that started in the late 80`s between one of Europe’s best guitar players – Ro Gebhardt, and one of the best scat vocalists on the globe, Burdette Becks. This duo has played tons of concerts all over the world and made their audiences happy, satisfied and delighted. It may not be surprising that the singer and flute player Burdette Becks was on stage with artists such as Bob Hope, Dianne Warwick und Wynton Marsalis. Beside that he worked in well reputated Orchestras such as the US Air Force Concert Band (the Glenn Miller Band) and the RIAS Big Band/ Berlin. He has also celebrated duo-performances with number-1-top-world- jazzmen such as Toots Thielemann.

„A figurehead of German guitar art. Premiership of European jazz guitarists. An outstanding voice of the scene. Outrageously virtuoso, awfully good, traditional but at the same time vanguard“. This is what international expert journals write about Ro Gebhardt. Award winner in the USA. His compositions range from instrumental and vocal tunes to classical string quartets and big band arrangements.

He has played with musicians from all over the world. Whether from Brazil, Japan, Poland or the USA: Artists like Dave Samuel (Pat Metheny-Group, Spyro Gyra), Thomas Alkier (Vienna Art Orchestra), George Garzone, John Benitez, Xaver Fischer, Antonio Sanchez (Pat Metheny-Trio) are among his colleagues.

John Abercrombie: „He is an extremely versatile player and composer; well schooled in the tradition of jazz, and also in its more universal applications. I recommend him most highly.“

The music is a melange of Latin, Jazz, Pop & Tango. Grooves getting under your skin. Brilliant original compositions, astonishingly simple but immensely deep. And some extraordinary arrangements from the most popular songs of the Beatles and A.C. Jobim. Played by some of the best musicians of the contemporary scene. Virtuoso and soulful. Powerful improvisations. Art of the new millennium.

Release Date: 2013/10/31
Catalogue-No.: 5048JS (CD)
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