Oliver Maas Trio


  1. Länder & Ränder
  2. Nils
  3. Im Grund
  4. Von hinten nach vorn
  5. Weihmorgen
  6. Tacheles
  7. Mirakel
  8. Liegend
  9. Schmatterlock
  10. Phasen
  11. Endlos
  12. Der kleine Däumling

produced by

Oliver Maas Trio for JazzSick Records

Executive producer

Philipp van Endert

Line up

Oliver Maas – Piano
David Andres – Bass
Patrick Hengst – Drums


Oliver Maas is one of the most headstrong jazz musicians of his generation in Germany. His style can be described as unique, powerful and very touching. It makes the 31 year old pianists one of the most favoured pianists of his kind. His albums have been released by labels such as ACT, JazzHausMusik and NRW Records.

In 2010 he founded the Oliver Maas Trio together with Patrick Hengst (drums) and David Andres (double bass). A special encouter: “When we play, we speak the same language, share our souls, and become one single organism.“ With this debut album “liegend“, Maas succeeds to create visual art within his music: pure landscapes, hidden mysteries and secret emotions.

“Crystal“ is being referred to by critics to describe this exceptional sound: complex but fragile and in always surprising compositions. “With our music“, Maas says, “we do not only reach a jazz audience. Nobody is standing out of the square . That is very important to us.“ Oliver Maas travels between Essen (Germany) and Brussels and plays all around Europe.

In March 2012 his debut album “Liegend” with Oliver Maas Trio was released by the well-known music label Jazzsick Records.

Release Date: 2012/04/20
Catalogue-No.: 5052JS (CD)

Sample Track:

Oliver Maas Trio
Von hinten nach vorn
When the world comes home
Journey to turtleland