Franz von Chossy Quintet


  1. Perpetual Lights
  2. Steps to the Sun
  3. Human Dark with Sugar
  4. Along the River
  5. The Salt Companion
  6. Victoria Line
  7. Eternal Elephant
  8. Dust and Diamonds
  9. When the World Comes Home

produced by

Franz von Chossy

Executive producer

Philipp van Endert

Line up

Franz von Chossy – Piano
Jeffrey Bruinsma – Violin
Alex Simu – Clarinet
Jörg Brinkmann – Cello
Yonga Sun – Drums


The new suite from the Franz von Chossy Quintet, When the World Comes Home, is a musical interpretation of the expulsion of Adam and Eve from paradise.

Franz Von Chossy’s evocative piano playing moves between jazz and classical music and infused with fresh, contemporary accents by his band. Inspired by his collaboration with the Metropole Orchestra he composed a cinema-like suite with Adam, Eve and the fall of man as its points of departure. The nine parts of the suite explore the story’s full range of emotion. Graceful lyricism is contrasted with dark undertones as the music moves from simplicity, harmony and balance to complexity and dissonance.When the World Comes Home features an extraordinary line-up of piano, drums, cello, violin and clarinet.

„Franz von Chossy, who also studied film scoring, is known for his lyrical, cinematic approach to music and adventurous mix of styles, often with emotional impact. This album is a highlight in that respect.“
(Tim Sprangers, Jazz assistant at „De Volkskrant“)

Von Chossy was inspired by a collaboration with the poet Abra Bertman, who gave titles to most of the compositions and wrote a poem for the title piece „When the World Comes Home“.

Release Date: 2012/06/15
Catalogue-No.: 5054JS (CD)

Sample Track:

Franz von Chossy Quintet
Steps to the Sun