Matthias Goebel


  1. C-aro
  2. Friends?
  3. This is Edgar W.
  4. Next to me
  5. Q-train, Brooklyn Bounce
  6. Beyond my faces
  7. Open C
  8. Back Then
  9. Good night and good luck

produced by

Matthias Goebel

Executive producer

Philipp van Endert

Line up

Matthias Goebel – Vibraphone & Marimbaphone & Compositions
Philipp van Endert – Guitars
André Nendza – Double Bass
Kurt Billker – Drums


The vibraphonist Matthias Goebel presents his debut “Q-Train, Brooklyn Bounce”. With lots of passion and infectious compositions he is guiding the listener through musical landscapes. His main influence is jazz although he combines it with elements of pop, new classic and ethno. The melodies are floating smoothly into your mind, soli are touching new spheres and the time is freshly presented. The music is raising a smile and invites you to stay and to fly away at the same time. The compositions of Matthias Goebel are colourful and detailed maps which still allow the musicians to follow their own paths. Playing with the musicians of the Philipp van Endert Trio (Philipp van Endert – git, André Nendza – double bas, Kurt Billker – dr) Matthias Goebel can trust in a well-rehearsed ensemble. Since years the members belong to the creative heads of the German scene.

On the other hand the trio is inspired by the strength of Goebels compositions, the vitality and airiness of his playing. But apart of all soloistic finesse the musical general view is not forgotten; an impressive sound collection which units a huge variety of ideas.

His inspiration is affected by different experiences. “Q-Train, Brooklyn Bounce” describes a trip through New York by the famous underground line. “C-aro” tells a story about a fortunately unfulfilled love for a waitress. As Goebel declares, “Open-C” is dedicated to the “most underestimated key”, and “friends ?” just asks – with a big question mark.

Other ideas are directly taken out of the daily life. Like “this is edgar w.!” which is the result of a sleepless night in front of the television. Awaking from time to time the program was confusingly changing from Edgar Wallace movies to documentations about walruses and back again…. Finally the album ends with “Good night and good luck” as a typical lullaby.

With his debut Matthias Goebel introduces himself to the audience as an inventive musician with a broad and diverse background. Starting his career as a drummer in several semi-professional bands he decided to study classical drums. At that time he discovered his love for the mallet instruments – continuing until today. Through his former teacher Mathias Haus Goebel entered the world of Jazz. During the years he could expand his skills with further studies at the Jazz Department of The Cologne University of Music and also at Stefan Bauer in New York. Apart from that Matthias Goebel founded the regional music festival MAP (Music Art Project) in his hometown Rheinberg ten years ago. By that another important intention is revealed: he wants to reach the people and to lead them into different emotional moods.

Between vitality and melancholy and always filled with a subtle sense of humour and a (hidden) smile the journey can begin. Facing the aim, allowing unexpected enriching sideways we will enjoy the space the sounds take us to.

Release Date: 2009/11/06
Catalogue-No.: 5029JS (CD)

Sample Track:

Matthias Goebel
Open C
Nerd Alert
Looked for