Roger Cicero & After Hours


  1. Joy spring
  2. I wanna hold your hand
  3. Bluesette
  4. The wedding
  5. My favorite things
  6. No moon at all
  7. Chan’s song
  8. My kind of world
  9. Where i belong
  10. Red top
  11. Moody’s mood

produced by

Stephan Abel

Line up

Roger Cicero – vocals
Stephan Abel – tenor sax, soprano sax
Lutz Krajenski – piano
Hervé Jeanne – acoustic bass
Matthias Meusel – drums


These recordings of the band “After Hours“ in collaboration with singer Roger Cicero are a natural consequence to the phenomenal reviews and enthusiastic audiences of their concerts during the last year. The unique music – a mixture of Jazz and Soul – is now available on the CD “There I go” and was recorded in only one day under virtually live conditions. Almost all of the titles are first takes, and the result is a fresh and live-sounding album absent of any technical tricks.


Release Date: 2005/11/01
Catalogue-No.: 5012JS (CD)

Sample Track:

Roger Cicero and After Hours
No moon at all