Heinz-Peter Timmer


  1. Prolog
  2. Country
  3. Agua e Vinho
  4. James
  5. My Song
  6. Babel – Bibor No Azora
  7. Babel – The Endless Flight
  8. Message to a Friend
  9. Folk Jazz Ballads – Autumn Sun
  10. Folk Jazz Ballads – Ballad
  11. Folk Jazz Ballads – Phil
  12. Folk Jazz Ballads – Sunday Morning
  13. Folk Jazz Ballads – Clapping Hands
  14. Folk Jazz Ballads – Vals d‘hiver
  15. Folk Jazz Ballads – End of Summer
  16. Folk Jazz Ballads – Coming Home
  17. October Poem
  18. Nowhere Man

produced by

Heinz-Peter Timmer

Executive producer

Philipp van Endert

Line up

Heinz-Peter Timmer – acoustic & electric acoustic guitars


Recently, the exciting passion for classical guitar and jazz music has led to various arrangements for solo guitar which I am featuring on this CD ,in between‘. Hence, all these piece had been originaly written for larger settings, they have been changed to another tone as pure guitar music.

Although Iʻm playing electric guitars as well, these transcriptions for classical guitar are very exciting for me because they are always leading me to my roots as a classical player. Iʻd wish these personal favourits to be newly discoverd. “Country” by Keith Jarrett, in 1977 originally played as quartet with a lead saxophone, features another subtle dimension in this version which appears first in a „Prologue“ by Heinz-Peter Timmer. Jarretts “My Song” from the same period, has been overdubbed to make a duo version. The brasilian classical composer/pianist/guitarist Egberto Gismonti is combining Jazz, new classical music and brasilian and african folk music since the late seventies. His little piece “Agua e Vinho” originally for piano has been chastely transcribed for solo guitar following the original very closely.

The Song “James” is an early hit written in 1981 for the Pat Metheny Group by Pat Metheny and Lyle Mays. This arrangement intentionally uses passages of his solo and new transitions to interlink the parts. As Metheny himself often arranges his compositions for solo guitar his “Message to a Friend” is also included. This was originally played as a duet. Soundtracks always are a very special genre. Two main themes of the film “Babel” have been connected here and overdubbed to make an arrangement for guitar quartet: “Bibor No Azora” by Ryuichi Sakamoto and “Endless Flight” by Gustavo Santaolalla will evoke many pictures of this impressive movie.

The selected Folk Jazz Ballads by Fabian Payr are short original guitar pieces with programatic titles: (9)“Autumn Sun”, (10)„Ballade”, (11)“Phil”, (12)“Sunday Morning”, (13)“Clapping Hands”, (14)“Vals d’hiver”, (15)“End of Summer”, (16)“Coming Home”.

Many works of guitarist/composer Jörg Falk are walking the borderline between new classical music and popular styles. Classical music or jazz – his “October Poem” surely fits into both. The final track of the Beatles evergreen “Nowhere Man” written by John Lennon is a guitar solo based on a reharmonized new trio arrangement by Peter O’Mara.

Release Date: 2010/05/21
Catalogue-No.: 7001JSA (CD)

Sample Track:

Heinz-Peter Timmer